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TWEWY 1-Week Challenge: Day 3

A few hours late, whoops... sorry... I was at the Korean Music Festival, had no time to stop and post this...

Fandom—The World Ends With You
Challenge— The World Ends With You One Week Writing Challenge issued by thebluemarker on blu_apple.
Couplings/Characters—Beat and Rhyme
Summary—Beat deals with Rhyme on the first day of the first week.
Note—I have no idea why this idea popped in my head after having so much fun... huh....


He could barely see her around his tears, looking like a lost child who'd just lost the world.

And he had.

She stopped smiling, looking incredibly worried for him now, and she didn't even—.


“B—Beat...” Was what the blond stuttered out, sniffling as he began wiping his face on his arm. It had left a sticky, disgusting mess, but he'd been more worried over her. She had been more worried about him, pulling a handkerchief from her pocket and wiping up his arm and his face.

She still had her instincts.

His baby sister.

“There now.” She cooed gently, “It'll be okay, won't it? You didn't even give me a chance to tell you my name before you started bawling on me. I'm Rhyme.”

“You... really don't remember, Rhyme?”

Her head tilted, wide eyes blinking as she peered up at him, “Remember what? Did something happen?”

Biting his lip, Beat shook his head quickly, “We're just... we're friends...”

“Of course we are!” She smiled, her hands and fingers laced behind her back as she grinned, the charm he'd given her jingled around her neck, “I wouldn't be talking to you if we weren't friends, Beat.”

It only caused him to whimper before wailing again, and Rhyme attempted her best to console him.

The back of her mind tingled, she could feel that somehow Beat was close to her. Even if people told her to never talk to strangers and to be weary of them, she felt like she could trust Beat. And that's what she was going to do, because her instinct was never wrong.

“I'm—I'm getting your hankie all dirty, Rhyme.” He murmured, sniffling and blowing his nose loudly with it anyways.

“It's fine, return it to me when it's clean.” She smiled, her narrowed eyes full of warmth and kindness, “I trust you, Beat.”

And he sobbed.


May. 1st, 2012 05:13 pm (UTC)
I swear I've seen the screen name Chronos Mephistopheles before =O Only I can't remember where... I probably read something she wrote before! ^^

I loved Epica's music, though, back when I was really into symphonic metal ^^ The Divine Conspiracy was my favourite.