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Sing with me - Fic Challenge!

Hello again!I hope all of you are healthy this humid May season.^^
Here are an array of challenges for ya'll!If you're posting the many-chapters on your own journal,it would be nice if you made link posts to blu_apple
After all,we share the love!


Over here at the Song Fic Meme challenge,you are required to pick a song of choice (any song!) and relate it to your fic!All fandoms,yaoi,yuri,het,whatever!There is no chapter limitation but kept at a minimum of 5 chapters.


This challenge is for all the hardcore fic writers!To those who are considering,you are given free time to do this.But the best would be if you posted a chapter a day,or else it's okay if you take occasional breaks to get ideas.Just don't go on a month-long hiatus and leave all your fans waiting!


The title is what it is!You need to create FLUFF.Because everyone likes fluffy things to squeal at (occasionally).
Again,your fandoms are free.And any type of pairing,too~
Just make sure you make them 'happy' in the end!XD


If you've already guessed by now,kudos to you!^^
M-Preg and normal pregnancy added as a tasteful spice to your fics.Any fandoms..*yawn*
and I think you got the rest all covered.Its a free community.^^