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TWEWY 1-Week Challenge: Day 2

Fandom—The World Ends With You
Challenge— The World Ends With You One Week Writing Challenge issued by thebluemarker on blu_apple.
Couplings/Characters—Josh, Neku, Shiki, Beat, Rhyme and Eri. Some mentions of JoshNeku and NekuShiki.
Warnings/Rating—T for language, poor Neku.
Summary—Neku has to deal with a lot when texting his friends.
Note—This was inspired by a suggestion by my wifey, x_number_six_x.

MALLCollapse )

TWEWY 1-Week Challenge: Day 1

Heya guys! Uhm, my first time posting here (I am excited!) and... well if anything goes wrong just lemme know, this is my first challenge-related livejournal post. I usually don't take these types of things, but I couldn't resist doing some WEWY ones. :D

Fandom—The World Ends With You
Challenge— The World Ends With You One Week Writing Challenge issued by thebluemarker on blu_apple
Couplings/Characters—Josh/Neku mention
Warnings/Rating—T for Josh being a meanieface.
Summary—Josh just likes to be rude to people and hit on Neku, really.
Note—This was written at 3 AM, you have been warned, lol.

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7 day challenge: Day 3

Title: Duet Of A Deprived Shibuya And A Heart-broken Composer.

Author's notes: Oh dear. Is it just me, or is it raining daggers? Wait..it's just me, huh? ^^"
Sorry guys, forgive my lateness. This was dragged out of my thousands of worthless fictions, so you could say it's a little ancient. Please read anyway!

Rated: K, because I just don't see a reason for it to end up behind 'T'.

Warnings: End-game spoilers and a homicidal Joshua. (scary..)

Life is a game for the rich, a party for the mindless and an internal massacre for the poor.Collapse )

Interested in finding a new interest

Hello guys,
I am looking into discovering new reading/viewing material.
(Anime, sci-fi, fantasy, novels, tv series)
I am really open to anything good, so any recommendations would be appreciated!

Title: None
Rating: T for language
Pairing: NekuJosh
Genre: Crack/low quality
Length: Not very long
Summary: Nekky and Josh-Josh were sitting on a couch in Wildkat.

Okay, there is some major false advertising going on here. On top of this being the worst fanfiction I have ever written, I never really got round to any lemon at all =PCollapse )

A list of kinks

Hello guys!Here is a list of kinks stolen from eliade 
So do thank her!

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7 day challenge: Day 2

Title: All it takes is a little patience
Author's notes: God this was so rushed..
TxT My computer crashed on me, and all my pre-written fictions were stuck in it, so i had to write this on lined paper. (Electronic stuff hates me. Like, a lot)
Sorry for any typos! I freaked out! I reread it just to brief through for mistakes, and it seemed a little funny. ^^
Anyways, onward!
Rated: T just to be safe

Really, sometimes Neku cannot spend a day with Joshua without expecting a deadly bombshell to drop.Collapse )

7 day challenge: Day 1

Title: Waking up
It seems as though my writing has changed to become fluffy and really light-hearted, lol. Maybe puberty is the main guilty party, but I don't really know for sure. c:
Rated: T
Warnings: Yaoi!Fluff, minor sexual reference because it is Joshua, and no one can bear his hotness. Not even the most emo kid on the block.
Author's little notes: Neku appears to be the cute little seme. And Joshua finally agreed to blush! Hehe~

Neku wakes up in the morning, exchanging sweet talk and kisses with Joshua for it is the only normal thing they do besides quarreling.Collapse )