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[Fanfiction] Realize

Title: Realize

Fandom: Code Geass

Length: 2000+ words

Rated: T

Written for: The prompt posted here based on 'fantasizing', though I don't think it lived up to that. XP

Pairings: Lelouch/Suzaku

N/A: Lelouch is kind of OOC here..I'm sorry. I couldn't write him being all haughty when he was crushing badly on someone.

Lelouch sighed, flipped his phone off after a long hour of listening to his friend rambling on and on about some new guy who had transferred to their school and lay back on his chair. His friends loved to annoy him and call him just to gossip, or to complain and make his ears ache. He raised a slender hand, and rubbed his temples with another exaperated sigh.

"Stop sighing, Lelouch-san; you sound like an old worried man."

C.C spoke up from the bed, cuddling - not to mention she was stark naked - in his blankets and sprawled over his pillows in an awfully lewd way. Had Lelouch not had his eyes and heart set on someone else, he would probably be drooling over her and her curvacious body. He scoffed, placed his raised hand on his thigh and slid his pupils to her direction in a don't-carish way.

"Oh be quiet." Lelouch said, tossing his hands up rather undelicately and folding them across his chest. "I'm thinking."

"I see. Penny for your thoughts? Or shall I take a guess?" C.C asked, to no one in particular. She gave him an intense stare, and cocked her eyebrow after a moment. "Could it be Suzaku, maybe?"

Lelouch immediately stiffened, his hand tightening over his thigh, but he quickly recovered in less than a second. Unfortunately, C.C had caught sight of his jittering and giggled into her hand, rolling erotically onto her stomach. Her breasts flattened against the soft mattress, and appeared as mounds of peachy skin below her chin. Lelouch swerved his eyes away at the sight.

"Do you mind?" he said, slight annoyance edging his voice. She gave a Cheshire smile, and didn't budge at all. He sighed again, and crossed his legs with his hand on his forehead, hiding his eyes.

"So..about Suzaku," C.C said, trailing off just for the fun of seeing Lelouch squirm. "How is your..relationship going?"

Lelouch growled under his breath, regretting his speech he had with C.C a few days ago. Really, he blamed it on his adrenaline rush from the haste of it all.

"So you're together now?"

"Yeah...pretty much. I mean, I asked him out and he said yes. That counts as a date, right?"

C.C sighed over her mouth full of gooey cheese pizza and said, after swallowing, "You asked him out to the library, Lelouch. And not even the public library. The school library." She paused for a moment to swallow the remaining bits of pizza in her mouth before continuing, "He probably didn't get the hint. Well, if that can even count as a hint, that is."

Seeing Lelouch thinking this over so deeply made C.C laugh again, and she almost upset the entire box of greasy cheese-slathered pastry onto Lelouch's bed. Lelouch was blushing - faintly, but still blushing; it was considered a rare sight - and he kept twiddling with his fingers to no end. C.C couldn't remember another time Lelouch had looked so serious except when he was planning battle strategies for the Black Knights to follow. His forehead was wrinkled slightly, his eyes were curving sharply down and his mouth was a thin line; that was the trademark look Lelouch always wore when he was deep in his sea of thoughts.

Except now he was practically drowning.

It amused C.C to see him so flustered over his crush. 'Ah, the thing love does to a human. I'll never understand.'

"C.C?" Lelouch suddenly spoke up, in the most timid voice she had ever heard him use.

"Yes?" she mumbled while taking a long sip at her Coke.

"Do you think we'd make a good couple, Suzaku and I?"

Over the ridicule of it all, C.C sprayed Coke unceremoniously from her mouth all over the once-pristine bedsheets.

C.C giggled at the memory, and trailed a finger through her vivid green hair and splayed the luscious strands over the pillow teasingly.

"Please tell me you're planning to kiss him at least."

Lelouch had to paused to contemplate this. C.C sighed at the sheer hopelessness of the situation.

"Well, I don't really know how to initiate one..And besides." Lelouch rose from his chair to glance out the window. "That's far too sappy. Sappy isn't my style."

"Lulu," C.C said, followed by Lelouch growling 'Don't call me that!' which she ignored, "You really didn't think any of this through, did you? You may be good at planning battle strategies, but you definitely score 0 in love strategies." She sighed dramatically at the end of her sentence.

Lelouch was silent, for once. He leaned against the white-washed window sills and peered out the glass window at the stunning view of Britannia. It looked wonderfully peaceful and normal; skyscrapers protruding over the clouds and highways teeming with cars and motorcycles, like there wasn't anything going on. But when he poked his head out the window and glanced to the extreme right, there was the smoky, barren ground where the Elevens barely scraped through their lives and Knightmares holding massive machine guns strolled over casually to kill them down. It was like playing an unfair game of Hangman; your opponent already holds the tail of the noose around your neck and will pull them over the gallows without giving you the chance to answer his question. Such was the concept of war between the Elevens and the Britannians. Lelouch detested the thought, however true it was, and immediately withdrew his head from the window. Back to thinking about Suzaku.

Suzaku. Lelouch chuckled. Just thinking about him made his heart turn into mush and stop beating altogether. When confronting him, Lelouch felt an inch away from sprouting wings and flying to Heaven. Suzaku was just that captivating. If ordered by him, Lelouch would even be willing to take his mask off in front of the school and dance naked on the rooftops.

Except..well..he didn't know how to express that verbally.

"Do you even know what Suzaku likes?" C.C asked, turning onto her back again, her body arching comfortably into the softness of the bed. Lelouch shook his head slowly. "His favorite food?" she tried, only to have him shake his head again. "Favorite books? Hobby? Favorite color?!" she assaulted him relentlessly with questions, only to receive an ashamed shake of the other's head.

"My, my, what are we to do." C.C stated simply, rolling her eyes to the ceiling while shaking her head. "You're a hopeless case, Lelouch."

Lelouch groaned. "Can we change the subject for awhile?" he asked, depressed. C.C had the urge to tease him a bit longer, but seeing his sad face made her decide to lay off. For awhile, she assured herself. She flipped around onto her stomach again in a flash and kicked her legs enthusiastically against the blankets as she spoke.

"Lulu~ I'm hungry~" she whined in her most enticing voice, giving her best puppy eyes to Lelouch. "Can we have pizza?"

"Pizza, again?" Lelouch said, straightening his back and flipping out his phone anyway.

"And don't forget; it's a large Hawaiian Supreme!" C.C nodded as she spoke to herself, ecstatic. Lelouch was just about to protest when C.C had an idea and sat up on the bed slyly, taking the blankets with her to hide her female parts.

"If you buy me two, though," she said, purposely trailing off so that Lelouch turned to face her, curious. "I'll give you some top-advice on how to win Suzaku's heart~"

With that, Lelouch turned around again and spoke quickly to his phone, mentioning something faint about ordering three pizzas with extra cheese.


Lelouch gulped, rubbing his sweaty hands against his thighs. His heart pounded in his chest, and for once it wasn't from the rush he felt when he was directing the Black Knights. The sun scorched his skin, and he kept feeling self-conscious about how his hair was.

He was secretly thinking how C.C would react to his flustered state now. He wanted to punch her in the face, really. Yet at the same time he wanted to kow-tow to her for helping him so far. Lelouch sighed again.

"Hey there, Lelouch."

His heart jumped a metre high up his chest and almost dropped from his mouth to the pavement. He's here, he's here. Lelouch glanced up, and saw Suzaku in front of him, holding his study books in one hand and an umbrella to shade him in the other. At that moment, when their eyes met, time froze. The leaves that followed the wind paused and swayed in mid-air. The woman in the fast-food restaurant that was tripping with the tray full of Coke paused, and the enormous splashes of fizzy brown soda that were making their way to a customer's face also followed suit.

Only Suzaku and Lelouch remained normal, the breeze blowing gently through their hair. Suzaku's eyes were sparkling, and he had the most adorable look of curiosity on his face. Lelouch trailed his eyes over the other's body, pupils dilating at the sight of his slim, hour-glass figure. He continued scanning the other, and saw his defined collarbone jutting out covered with deliciously smooth skin showing through his T-shirt. Lelouch pictured himself licking that area, marking Suzaku while he moaned Lelouch's name and tugged at his hair.


He continued staring, wearing a blank expression.

"Lelouch..you..your nose is bleeding!"


He and Suzaku settled down in a private corner at the oh-so-familiar library and set their books down. "What do you want to revise about, Lelouch-kun?" Suzaku asked, hand placed atop his pile of books gently. Lelouch snapped out of his staring trance, and looked quickly to his books. He wanted to strangle himself for his flustered actions.

"Umm..I don't know. What about you?"

Truthfully, though their mid-year exams were approaching, Lelouch had already studied up all the required chapters and, having such a good memory, had no need to revise anymore. Revising was just an excuse to see Suzaku privately, away from the prying noses of their friends.

"How about Maths? I have some problems understanding the sums.." Suzaku said, embarrassed as he rubbed the back of his neck. Lelouch gave a genuine smile, and said neutrally "Sure. I'll help you."

Suzaku grinned and chose a thick book from his pile, immediately flipping it open. The hard spine of the book gave a loud 'tap!' as it made contact with the table, and Suzaku winced before he glanced around at the library. Much to Lelouch's surprise - for he rarely studied anywhere but in class and at home - they all shushed him loudly, as though he had just released a bomb under the table. His blood began to boil when he saw Suzaku blush from shame. He wanted to slam his hands on the table and use his Geass to make them apologize, but Suzaku saw his hands tightening into fists and quickly grabbed them, shaking his head. Lelouch was so surprised, he lost his voice and looked at Suzaku stupidly with his mouth wide open. Suzaku shook his head again, just to confirm things before giggling slightly at Lelouch's expression. He reached out a hand, and eased Lelouch's jaws gently together so his mouth shut. Giving another chuckle, Suzaku flicked Lelouch's nose - causing the latter to jump, startled - with his finger and thumb, stuck a tongue out at him and looked back at his book, grinning. Lelouch snapped out of his trance, rubbed his nose and huffed to the side, making Suzaku giggle even harder.

"That hurt." He half-whined, moving his nose from side to side just to test it out.

"You girl, Lelouch!"

Suzaku burst into uncontainable peals of cheerful laughter after his outburst, causing the whole library to glare at him again.


"Okay..so it's time for the verbal homework." Suzaku said, typing something on his laptop before putting his headphones on. Lelouch merely watched, uninterested. He twirled his pen furiously in one hand, watching Suzaku listen intently to the speech.

After a boring 10 minutes of pure silence, Suzaku took off his headphones, mumbling something before taking the question paper and taking the cap off his pen. He tapped it against his chin, eyes narrowed in concentration towards the paper.

"What does the yellow wood mean..." He mumbled, to himself in particular.


"Yellow wood, Lelouch." Suzaku looked at Lelouch like answers were scribbled over the other's face. "What is a yellow wood?"

"Uh..a wood in Summer? Autumn? Someone who spilled paint over a bush? A salad with too much dressing? Mouldy wood? I don't know!" Lelouch rambled, trying to help Suzaku best he could. Suzaku contemplated the answers, and nodded. "A wood during Autumn it is, then.."

Suzaku circled the answer with before balancing the pen on his upper lip as he looked at the following question.

"How did Shakespear describe his lover?"

Suzaku's face twisted in thought. A switch somewhere in Lelouch's brain clicked, and he sat up straighter.


"Lover." Suzaku said, giving small hums while he thought this over deeply. Lelouch's heart raced. He knew this poem; he could remember it by heart. Should he risk it? Should he?

Whatever it was, Lelouch's guts magically expanded as he gathered his courage and said "Well, I could recite the poem for you, if you'd like. It's Sonnet 18, am I right?"

"Really? You could?" Lelouch swore he saw admiration gleaming in Suzaku's eyes. He nodded.

"Alright, listen closely." Lelouch cleared his throat, all while Suzaku looked at him, entranced.

"Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate:
Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,
And summer's lease hath all too short a date: "

Lelouch leaned closer to Suzaku, looking deep into his eyes as he recited the poem. Suzaku was looking right back, his heart beating somewhat fast.

"Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines,
And often is his gold complexion dimm'd;
And every fair from fair sometime declines,
By chance or nature's changing course untrimm'd;
But thy eternal summer shall not fade,"

Lelouch reached a daring hand out, and drew a line over Suzaku's chin, tilting it towards his own face. He could feel Suzaku's hot breath against his cheek, and he loved it.

"Nor lose possession of that fair thou owest;
Nor shall Death brag thou wander'st in his shade,
When in eternal lines to time thou growest:
So long as men can breathe or eyes can see,
So long lives this and this gives life to thee."

Lelouch ended, and let go of Suzaku's face, leaving him to breath heavily and straighten his thoughts as he backed away. Suzaku really had thought Lelouch would actually kiss him. It was a weird thought, really, and Suzaku was sure he himself didn't like boys, but just thinking about it made his heart pound furiously. Lelouch, on the other hand, was on the verge of slapping himself for letting the opportunity slip past so easily. He was uttering an endless string of curses, letting his bangs fall over his face to hide his disappointment.

"Sh-shall we continue?" Suzaku said, stuttering rarely, reaching out for his book at the same time as Lelouch. Their hands met, and it sent a jolt of electricity down both their spines. They jumped, and each withdrew their hands, looking away from the other. Lelouch glanced over the table, seeing Suzaku blush a deep red, and chuckled softly to himself.

"Well, at least now I know he likes me too," Lelouch uttered under his breath, too soft for Suzaku to hear, suddenly satisfied. He breathed out a breath he didn't even know he was holding in, and actually hummed a happy tune as he took a random book from his pile and opened it, scanning the contents. Neither of them noticed that the book was upside down.

For the next 3 hours they spent together, the book that met their hands was left untouched. When they were about to leave and gathered their books up, Lelouch took the book up and added it to the pile in his hands. Suzaku didn't utter a word. He said a simple goodbye, and walked home hastily, thinking over the day. Lelouch smirked, and walked home in the opposite direction, clutching the book in his hand.

He swore he'd mound that book permanantly on the wall and build an altar for it, just to give it a proper thank you for helping him realize.

Ah yes, they both realized something.


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Oct. 14th, 2012 11:00 am (UTC)
Awww this was awesome! :D I love your fics so much; you have a very unique style of writing which I love. :) Keep writing; SusuLulu forever!!
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